• Responsible for developing our mobile apps
  • Focusing on the gaming experiences (game streaming)
  • Work with our streaming backend engineers and our outsourcing vendors (frontend and backend)

Required Skills

  • Master programming languages, Javascript (React Native), Objective C (iOS), Java (Android), C/C++
  • Master mobile platforms (Android, iOS)
  • Master React Native. Developing native plugin (cross platform) is no problem for you
  • Master CI/CD (fastlane)


  • Have experience in the game industry or want to be. Afterall, Neobards is a game developing studio, you’ll feel more comfortable with the kids who have never grown up. Also this is a gaming app
  • Have knowledge of Internet technologies, for example, RESTFul, GRPC, WebRTC
  • Have good communication skills (English/Chinese). We have international vendors
  • Love games