Key Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for customizing our licensed retro games. This is very challenging because there is no source code
  • To accept the challenge, you need to be a hacker (with a license to hack)
  • Work with our designers to bring new fun to the legendary games, make the games great again

Required Skills

  • Master programming languages, C/C++, assembly
  • Master arcade machine emulator (sandbox), MAME for example. Will be useful to have knowledge about microprocessor architectures, Motorola 68000 for example
  • Master Linux. All the games will be running on Linux
  • Enjoy hacking, like scanning the memory, modifying it


  • Have experience in the game industry or want to be. Afterall, Neobards is a game developing studio, you’ll feel more comfortable with the kids who have never grown up. Also knowing how a game works will help a lot to hack it
  • Love retro games