Senior Level Designer[Netherlands – Breda]

Full time

Senior Post

Location: Netherlands, Breda

If you have a strong interest in level design, a solid understanding of the aesthetics of spatial structures, interaction, combat encounters and missions in the game world, you are the Level Designer NeoBards is looking for. 

Join NeoBards for the opportunity to develop world-class projects with renowned game developers. We welcome developers with industry experience who’re willing to engage with the team to become one of us and work on AAA titles together in our brand new European studio!


  • Design and build levels, combat encounters and missions that meet the demands of various types of game
  • Coordinate overall game flow and game rhythm, compose documents
  • Integrate visual, audio, and gameplay requirements, produce level prototypes
  • Align the understanding of level design for colleagues from different disciplines, so that production objectives are fully understood
  • Optimization and debugging of level content

Key Responsibility 

  • Clearly indicate content of level design through text, images, or other mediums; provide level design spec documents
  • Ensure legibility of (design) documents, allowing colleagues from different professional fields to understand the fun and purpose of level design
  • After collecting design feedback from all disciplines, use game development tools to produce prototypes for corresponding levels and missions
  • Final debugging of levels and modifications for quality optimization
  • Review production results to validate quality and playability

Required Skills

  • A minimum of 4 years of experience as a Level Designer, and one or more shipped AAA titles as a Level Designer
  • Excellent and efficient communication skills in English
  • Have conceptual knowledge in architecture and space
  • Experience in using Unreal for game production is a MUST
  • Experience with visual scripting to create bespoke gameplay content

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