NeoBards Entertainment is looking for a project coordinator (Japanese) to assist with communication and coordination with Japanese game developers.

Join our team for the chance to collaborate with industry-leading developers on high-profile projects. We welcome experienced professionals in the gaming industry who thrive in team building, or those who are new to game development but boast an excellent command of Japanese and an interest in gaming, anime, and product development.

We look forward to creating world class games with you, here at NeoBards.


  • Assist producers and team members in handling project-related matters to ensure schedules run as planned
  • Manage and track project documents to facilitate smooth communication among project members and collaborating parties
  • Provide Japanese translation and editing for project-related materials and documents
  • Coordinate meetings, ensure preparations are done, and provide on-site interpretation when necessary


  • Assist the team and collaborating parties in Chinese – Japanese communication (both language directions) for meetings and documents to ensure meetings flow smoothly, and project tasks are carried out effectively
  • Manage project schedules and files to prevent oversights or delays during the development process
  • Coordinate effectively with the production team to assist producers in driving projects forward
  • Provide on-site interpretation during conventions or international presentations


  • JLPT N1 certified, familiarity with Japanese etiquette and customs
  • Proficiency in Chinese and Japanese reading, writing, and speaking, as well as good communication skills, logical thinking, and strong organizational capabilities
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office software, and proficiency in file management
  • Deep knowledge and passion for Japanese animation, comics, and gaming (ACG)
  • Candidates with experience in game development, related industries, or familiarity with game production terminology and techniques will be prioritized

* Candidate please answer the following questions:

Have you had any experience working or studying in Japan? If so, please provide a detailed explanation of your experience there.