As a network programmer, you’ll be responsible for writing world class netcode so players can enjoy our realtime multiplayer games without having connection issues. Fighting with the latency is your destiny; dealing with all kinds of network errors is a daily basis.

You are:

  • Mastering programming languages, C/C++ is a must; capable in picking up new languages
  • An expert of network model of modern realtime multiplayer games; terms like dedicated/listen server, peer-to-peer, lockstep, input prediction, entity interpolation, lag compensation, cannot be more familiar
  • An experienced developer on different platforms, like consoles, mobiles, PC, etc
  • Mastering Internet technologies, TCP/IP and all other things; knows why realtime games use UDP
  • A big fan of realtime multiplayer games and also knows all kinds of the techs behind it, not just network; knows game engines, and will not have problem in modifying the game engine to get things done
  • Willing to work with gameplay programmers and designers so the crazy ideas may come true
  • Familiar with performance tuning; players always want more, so game developers always push the hardware to the limit
  • Familiar with test planning, test tools, auto-tests; capable in working with QA, in order to bring the best quality to players