NeoBards Entertainment is looking for an experienced team-player to lead the team as Producer, for our next ambitious project. We want to find a driven, ambitious individual to join our ranks in building an innovative elite project team.


  • Facilitate communication within the development team, and improve the quality of cooperative work between people with different expertise
  • Fully understand and implement product goals, coordinate production plans and budget accordingly
  • Manage schedule and budget, ensure project output meet the set standards and goals
  • Resolve production problems and report back to supervisors regularly to ensure smooth production
  • For projects that require external collaboration, oversee all communication, and build trust
  • During the product operation phase, collaborate with external companies to identify operational needs, and plan related work

Key Responsibilities

  • Predict budget risk and returns to avoid, to avoid delay in schedule and budget gaps
  • Set up the environment and tools needed for production, to avoid barriers caused by hardware and software issues, during the production process
  • Facilitate high-quality communication and collaboration within the production team, to avoid delays and errors caused by miscommunication
  • Plan and manage work distribution, ensure that every member on the production team understand their potentials, while assuring all who are involved in the project know the project objectives, as well as staying on top of deadlines
  • Ensure that the project goals conform with company objectives, and align with product vision
  • In the case where outsourcing is required, Producer will fully understand the outsourcing schedule and ensure that the information received fit the needs of the team and product features
  • Integrate the team’s production results to provide output and materials that suit the needs of external events and exhibitions
  • Ensure all products in operation are in coordination with the operation team, to fulfill operational needs without delay

Required Skills

  • Shipped at least 1 title as Project Producer
  • Participated in and completed at least 2 projects, while being the Leader of one major discipline in at least 2 game projects
  • Experience in console game development is a plus
  • Educated in project management, and is familiar with project management tools and scheduling (For example: JIRA, Hansoft, Perforce…)
  • Able to create PPT presentations for commercialized products, and boasts excellent presentation skills
  • Good linguistic ability: Mandarin and English – written and verbal
  • Understands engines in the main trend, such as Unreal, characteristics of Unity; experience with Unreal is a big plus