As a server programmer, you’ll be responsible for developing server-side technologies for our realtime multiplayer games. That includes dedicated servers, online services, and everything around it.

You are:

  • Mastering programming languages, C/C++ is a must. Javascript (Node.js), no problem. Java, why not, and there is no limit
  • Mastering Linux; all the servers run on Linux, and we use containers too
  • Mastering Internet technologies
  • Knowledges of databases, SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL, or DBA will hunt you down
  • Familiar with clouds, like AWS
  • Familiar with scaling things out because our games will be very popular
  • Familiar with performance tuning
  • Familiar with writing tests so we can find problems and fix them before it’s too late
  • Familiar with reliable systems so operators won’t hate you
  • A big fan of realtime multiplayer games and also knows the techs behind it