Once upon a time
In a land far far away
Lived the NeoBards
A proud and great tribe

All with the same desire
All sharing a unique vision
All for one, one for all
Making games that matter


Genre RPG
Platform PS5
Release Date Feb. 29, 2024
Publisher Square Enix

Dynasty Warriors M

Genre ARPG
Platform iOS/Android
Release Date Nov. 22, 2023
Publisher Nexon


Genre Data Action RPG
Platform PS4, Switch, PC
Release Date April 14, 2023
Publisher Capcom


Genre TBD
Platform TBD
Release Date TBD
Publisher Konami

Resident Evil Re: Verse

Genre Multiplayer Action (4-6 players)
Platform PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date October 28, 2022
Publisher Capcom

Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 7: biohazard (Next-gen Ver.)

Genre Survival Horror
Platform PS5, Xbox X/S, PC, Switch (Cloud)
Release Date June 14, 2022
Publisher Capcom

Marvel’s Avengers

Genre Action Adventure
Platform PS5, PS4, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, PC
Release Date August 14, 2020
Publisher Square Enix, Bandai Namco

No Straight Roads

Genre Action Adventure
Platform Switch
Release Date August 25, 2020
Publisher Game Source Entertainment

Resident Evil: Resistance

Genre Online Asymmetrical-multiplayer Survival Horror (2-5 players)
Platform PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date April 3, 2020
Publisher Capcom

Resident Evil Origins Collection

Genre Survival Horror
Platform Switch
Release Date May 21, 2019
Publisher Capcom

Onimusha: Warlords

Genre Survival Action
Platform PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Release Date January 16, 2019
Publisher Capcom

Devil May Cry HD Collection

Genre Stylish Action
Platform PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date March 13, 2018
Publisher Capcom
More stories to come