FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, the second volume of SQUARE ENIX’s FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE trilogy, was released worldwide on February 29th! The story is a continuation of the previous game, depicting the adventures of Cloud and his friends after escaping from Midgar. Unlike its predecessor, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, this time players are free […]

In the exclusive interview, the Game Producer Antonio, Game Director Cosmos, and Art Director Adonis shared the development journey and design ideas of Dynasty Warriors M, disclosing how the team stayed true to the classic IP while seeking ways to make breakthroughs.   Core Developers of Dynasty Warriors M from NeoBards   In addition to […]

Published and operated by NEXON, developed by NeoBards and based on KOEI TECMO GAMES’ Dynasty Warriors 9, the mobile game Dynasty Warriors M was launched globally today on November 22! Experienced in developing multiple classic console games, this time NeoBards brought console game quality to the mobile platform. Dynasty Warriors M impeccably reproduces each officer’s […]

From Asia to Europe, NeoBards continues to bring rich and diverse gaming experience to players around the globe.   NeoBards Entertainment Ltd. was founded in 2017 by industry elites from all around the world, focusing on combining international resources to develop high-quality games. For years, NeoBards have worked together with renowned game companies such as […]