We are looking for someone who:
1. Has at least 3 years of work experience in the games industry or audio-visual post-production
2. Is very ceative about audio, able to understand and appreciate how audio affects gameplay and customize audio and audio library
3. Is a team player and can face challenges head on and solve problems, does one’s best to create the best audio possible for a game
4. Can independently produce cinematic audio, including dialogue, SFX, foley, ambience, and music

– Responsible for creating and implementing in-game audio and editing audio based on the requirements and feedback of the audio director
– Versed in field recording, studio recording, or foley recording besides using existing audio recorded by the internal team and copyrighted audio
– Implements in-game audio by using third-party software and other tools used by the internal team and ensures AAA quality is achieved in terms of audio quality, creativity, and optimization

– Accurately predicts and delivers to deadlines for the team
– Creates clear production guidelines, formulates SOPs, and establishes best practices
– Willing to learn new knowledge and skills
– Creates project asset lists and clearly documents workflow and progress
– Follows the established naming conventions and folder structure rules
– Achieves weekly goals and reports progress to the audio director and producers
– Identifies potential discipline and department issues and begins troubleshooting problems. Elevates issues to superviors if one is not able to handle them
– Positive and professional, always strive to motivate and inspire colleagues

Personal Qualities
An outstanding team player equipped with good interpersonal skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills, able to communicate one’s ideas clearly and efficiently
Well-organized and able to manage time effectively
Proactive, flexible, and practical

Required Skills
Can create inspiring and immersive in-game audio
Able to use the audio tools used by the internal team to carry out audio tasks
Commonly used audio software

Desirable Skills:
Music creation experience
Experience with Unreal and Wwise engines

1. Has hands-on game development experience a plus
2. Hands-on experience with the Dolby Atmos. 5.1 or 7.1 System a plus
3. Experience of designing audio for horror games or videos a plus
* Those without the required credentails but with great potential will be considered as an audio designer.