Technical Artist [Netherlands – Breda]

Full time

Working permit required

Location: Netherlands, Breda

NeoBards Entertainment is looking for an experienced and talented Technical Artist to join our team in Breda. You will have expertise with procedural tools such as Houdini and Substance Designer, as well as a deep understanding of Unreal Engine 5 and its procedural tools. You are adept at improving art pipelines, making and extending plugins, and proficient at helping achieve final visual and gameplay quality through shader development and animation programming.


    • Review and provide feedback on work and to fellow team members.
    • Ensure consistent quality and adherence to project standards throughout the entire development process.
    • Resolve performance and stability issues as required with a keen knowledge on debugging tools.
    • Develop and maintain procedural workflows and tools to optimize the production pipeline, ensuring efficiency and high-quality output.
    • Collaborate and communicate effectively across multiple disciplines to achieve team technical objectives, especially with artists to improve their workflows, improve and make plugins and tools, and assist in shader production.
    • Keeps up with the latest Unreal Engine developments, the roadmap, as well as 3rd party tools and plugins.

Required Skills

    • Proficiency with Unreal Engine 5 and its procedural tools, with a strong portfolio demonstrating successful implementation of procedural techniques in real-time environments.
    • Expert knowledge of Unreal Engine blueprints (replication is a plus) and materials.
    • Familiarity with Maya and other content creation applications such as Substance Suite.
    • Experienced with test planning, test tools, and automated testing to evaluate your features and functions to preemptively find and fix issues.
    • Proficiency in writing tools to aid artist workflows.
    • Ability to create solid documentation for authored pipelines and workflows.
    • Strong understanding of 3D mathematics and algorithms.
    • Can work effectively with QA so we can bring the best experience to players.
    • Good understanding of Unreal’s Gameplay Ability System (GAS) is a plus.
    • Experience with machine learning is a plus.
    • Technical animation experience is a plus (rigging, animation blueprint, motion capture, etc.).
    • Extensive experience with PCG in Unreal Engine 5.

Game Development Experience

    • At least 2 years experience in triple A game studios
    • Participated in the game development process of a game from start to finish
    • Portfolio demonstrating your awesome contribution to great published games


    • Exceptional attention to detail with strong problem-solving skills
    • Willingness to learn and work with proprietary in-house engines.
    • Create accurate task estimates and complete all work on a timely basis.
    • Passionate and confident about developing high quality games.
    • Remain focused, motivated and effective on all tasks through to completion.
    • Love digging into large engine codebases to understand and improve them.
    • Excited to work with fellow programmers, designers, and artists to help crazy ideas come true and excel in your area of expertise.
    • A big fan of real time multiplayer games and also know all the tech behind it.


    • Fluency in English; verbal and written.
    • Ability to understand and communicate complex ideas visually.
    • Able to understand game designs and implement appropriate solutions.
    • Display solid written communication, both in-code and through written documentation.


    • University and above, major in information related subjects

VISA Requirements

    • Must be eligible to work in the European Union.

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