Backend Programmer (AWS) [Taiwan – Taipei]

Full Time

Location: Taiwan, Taipei

As a backend programmer, you’ll be responsible for building our meta (gaming) services of a free-to-play mobile title which will be globally operated by our publisher. Hundreds of thousands concurrent users is a minimum requirement.

You are:

    • Mastering multiple programming languages. Javascript/typescript (Nest.js) is our major language but there is no limit. We use other languages as well: Python, Java, Golang, Rust, C/C++, etc. Language diversity is the nature of open sources and the microservice ecosystem.
    • Familiar with microservices architecture. We are using Kubernetes although microservices is more than that.
    • Familiar with one of the three major public clouds. We are using AWS and many cloud native features.
    • Database practices, Postgresql is our primary database and other databases like Redis, Dynamodb, etc. Familiar with cross services transactions (database per service pattern, saga patterns).
    • Mastering Linux.
    • Mastering Internet technologies.
    • A good team player. Not just need to communicate with other programmers (client/server), there are also game designers, system engineers, database administrators, etc. And in multiple languages, Chinese, English at least.

You must demonstrate your:

    • Programming skills.
    • System engineering knowledge like performance tuning, services scaling.
    • Database knowledge.

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