In the exclusive interview, the Game Producer Antonio, Game Director Cosmos, and Art Director Adonis shared the development journey and design ideas of Dynasty Warriors M, disclosing how the team stayed true to the classic IP while seeking ways to make breakthroughs.


Core Developers of Dynasty Warriors M from NeoBards


In addition to the team’s game development experiences, the developers delved into the origin and concept of developing Dynasty Warriors M, and shared insights into the various challenges encountered along the way and detailed how the team overcame each obstacle. The interview sheds light on the actual process of game development and the heart and soul poured into the development. From the original intention to every step taken toward the finish line, it has been an arduous and creative journey.


NeoBards’ Game Director Cosmos, Game Producer Antonio, and Art Director Adonis (from left to right)


In the video, interesting behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes were also shared. One example included how the team navigated and overcame both language barriers while handling multinational tasks and the impact of the pandemic. The video effectively conveyed the professionalism and commitment of the development team. This is undoubtedly a rare opportunity to get a feel of the game development journey and secrets!



A major update for Dynasty Warriors M was released one month after its global launch. The update includes various new contents such as an Alliance-exclusive mode – “Alliance Challenge,” and new officers “Zhong Hui” and “Knight Wang Yi.” Don’t miss out on these new game experiences!


All-new Alliance Mode – “Alliance Challenge.” Defeat the Boss officer with Alliance members.



The first target of Alliance Challenge is “Dong Zhuo.”



Alliance Challenge comes with three difficulty levels – Normal, Hard and Chaos.




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