The SILENT HILL f Teaser Trailer, produced by SHIROGUMI INC., won the Merit Award at The One Show 2023. SHIROGUMI INC. attended one of the online sessions of the AUTODESK DAY 2023, held by CG WORLD and AUTODESK, to talk about the concept and process of producing the teaser trailer.   

The classic SILENT HILL IP connected NeoBards with SHIROGUMI INC. and led to our collaboration. The first released teaser trailer immediately captured attention from all sides. KONAMI and NeoBards have joined forces in making the game SILENT HILL f, working along with renowned writer Ryukishi07 and visual artist Kera. We would like to ask fans of the SILENT HILL series to keep following us for the latest news!


Award-Winning SILENT HILL f Teaser Trailer



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About NeoBards

NeoBards Entertainment Ltd. is an independent game developer founded in 2017 by a group of likeminded industry veterans boasting over 20 years of game development experience, with headquarters in Hong Kong and studios in Taipei, Suzhou and Breda, the Netherlands. Recent works include co-dev projects with Capcom on Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, Resident Evil: Resistance, Resident Evil Re:Verse, Devil May Cry HD Collection, Resident Evil Origins Collection, Onimusha: Warlords; and character skill design/ implementation for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers.

There are 3 games currently in development. Apart from SILENT HILL f, a co-dev project with KONAMI, two other games are yet to be announced.