Characters in the game, represent the players and who they are. This requires meticulous design, thorough consideration of responsive actions for all scenarios that could occur, for characters reveal personalities, but are still possible for players to control, and help to reinforce the game universe.

Join NeoBards, for the opportunity to develop world-class projects with renowned game developers. We welcome experts with game industry experience who enjoy interacting with teams, to become one of the Bards, and work on AAA titles together!


  • Design character movements, transition, and rules of control
  • Design AI behaviors in the game, for players to have interaction
  • Integrate level design and demands in other professional fields, adjust and increase additional features, then compose into specs in documents
  • Use game development tool to integrate and verify character data
  • Responsible for balance of character parameter, optimization, and error-proof

Key Responsibility:

  • Ensure corresponding features and behaviors for the movements of controllable character, non-player and enemy features fits the goal, and enjoyment of the game
  • Ensure legibility of (design) documents, allowing colleagues from different professional field to understand the fun and purpose of game design
  • In charge modifications on final error-proof and quality optimization

Required Skills

  • 2 or more years of professional experience as Game Designer
  • Prior participation in game character design, experience in complete game project production would be a plus
  • Positive and efficient communication skill
  • Understand theory or concept of programming operation, confidence in ability to handle complex logic issues, would be a great plus
  • Familiar with Office series, capable to manage documents
  • Experience with using Unity and Unreal for game production is a plus

Key Responsibilities

  • Design systems and generate design proposals according to product requirements
  • Ensure the research/development teams understand product requirements, and plan for production using design documents
  • When the platform is in operation, revise or generate design proposals based on the requirements of platform operation and deliver to the production team

Required Skills

  • Must have experience in game platform or tool platform design. For example: Ubisoft club, Overwatch member’s app, Taptap APP, KKbox, etc.
  • Able to design functions for all platform systems according to operational requirements
  • Able to generate design proposals and communicate with the production team and the operation team
  • 4+ years in UX or Design required

If you are highly interested in game design and master aesthetics of spatial structures in relation to game design, then being a game level designer at NeoBards would be your best choice.

You will be able to work with renowned developers in the industry and gain hands-on experience by working on their projects. NeoBards welcomes talented people embracing a spirit of teamwork to join our team to develop world-class titles together.

Job Summary:

  • Designs levels that meet requirements of various game genres
  • Produces design documents relating to the overall level flow and pacing
  • Produces level blockouts meeting visual, audio, and gameplay requirements
  • Ensures that other disciplines fully understand the production objectives by keeping them in sync with the latest design specs
  • Optimizes and debugs level designs

Duties/ Responsibilities:

  • Provides clear game level design and specs via text, graphics, or any other medium
  • Makes sure the documents designed are easy to understand, so that other disciplines can also appreciate the attractiveness and understand the purpose of the designs
  • Produces level blockouts using development tools aftering considering opinions from other disciplines
  • Organizes all the assets and finalizes gameplay and events, followed by submitting the content for implementation and testing
  • Debugs the final level design and achieves the best quality possible

Required Skills

  • At least two years of experience in game design or having personal original portfolio for reference
  • Prior experience working on level design, especially involvement and experience throughout all stages of the game development process
  • Good communication skills
  • Understanding of structures of various architectural spaces
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and document management
  • Unity and Unreal Engine experience preferred