Neobards is looking for an extremely talented and experienced senior VFX artist to oversee the creation of the effects on our next ambitious project.

1. Responsible for the creation and delivery of high quality VFX
2. Translates the product art direction into creation guidelines to produce in-game VFX
3. Maintains visibility on the progress and accurately predicts and delivers to deadlines for the team
4. Can work independently and potentially provide guidance for other team members
5. Maintains coordination with the other leads of the team


Key Responsibility:

– Maintains close collaboration with the design and code team to ensure compliance with design choices and technical performance
– Delivers to the highest standards of VFX quality on mobile
– Provides accurate estimates to project management and owns the delivery on time and quality
– Good self-management
– Maintains homogeneity of the VFX with other art resources
– Ensures technical and organizational compliance with defined standards
– Owns the art bible and technical documentation related to VFX creation


Required Skills:

– At least 3 shipped titles as VFX artist on mobile or console and 2 as a senior VFX artist
– Very experienced in hand-held and mobile platform requirements
– Very experienced with Unreal Engine
– Written and verbal communication skills (English and Chinese)
– Expert knowledge in Max/Maya/Houdini and Photoshop
– Experienced in engine optimization
– Experienced with Offline VFX platform and simulation engines
– Experienced with programming languages a plus
*Those without the required credentails but with great potential will be considered as a VFX Artist.

Responsible for the definition and creation of high quality game art content. Provides guidance and feedback for all artists within team and is heading the art production within a project.


  • The key resource for art guidance within his/her team
  • Strong understanding of 3D and 2D packages and art theory
  • Defines and upholds very high standard in art quality and management
  • Communicates and evangelize game vision vertically and laterally
  • Responsible for the definition of the art vision for the game in accordance with product needs and in collaboration with technical and design leadership
  • Partakes in the studio visual identity definition
  • Delegates tasks to sub-team leads and artists
  • Maintains relationship with technical and design leadership

Key Responsibilities

  • Provides guidance, feedback and asset approval to art leads
  • Overviews all assets and ensures the consistent high quality of all project art
  • Supervises and contributes to outsource briefs as well as providing assessment and approval of outsource deliverables
  • Ensures all relevant art documentation is established and presented in an accessible manner
  • Leads workshops for artists and studio
  • Spreads knowledge and expertise throughout the studios
  • Sells the value of our game across the studio and our industry, including interviews & potential meetings with the press, partner companies and executives
  • Ensure compliance with product vision
  • Supports marketing needs
  • Ensure efficiency and pipeline compliance
  • Accurately predict production timelines and ensure deadlines are clearly communicated and achieved
  • Produce and circulate clear documentation of production guidelines and best working practices
  • Ensure team works in a source safe environment and with an organized professional approach
  • Manages, grows and optimises his team
  • Presents results weekly, regularly updating Studio Leadership as to the status of the production
  • Identifies problems in his/her area/department, solves them and escalates them to his/her manager
  • Display a positive working attitude within the workplace with the aim to motivate and inspire colleagues


  • Strong knowledge of preferred 3D software (including 3DS Max or Maya)
  • Strong knowledge of preferred 2D software (including Photoshop)
  • Experience with lighting, composition, color studies, painting, animation and storyboards and a good understanding of traditional art and design fundamentals
  • Up to date knowledge of latest design trends in a wide variety of areas including games, film, architecture, design and animation
  • Passion for making and playing innovative games
  • Takes responsibility for art creation on their project
  • Teamwork and excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills in order to communicate ideas clearly and effectively, both verbally, visually and in writing
  • Must be thorough and precise in his/her work
  • Creative and Visionary
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Self-motivated, flexible and practical
  • Willing to share knowledge
  • University degree: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Fine Arts, additional certifications in multimedia arts preferred
  • Work experience: 8 or more years of related experience in the gaming industry; participation in at least 3 commercially relevant title or project as an Art Director

Neobards is looking for an experienced UI Artist to oversee the user interface team of an ambitious project on console.


  • Responsible for the creation and delivery of high quality user experience and interface on a high end platform game.
  • Reflects the guiding principle and art vision of the production in the user interface look and flow.
  • Maintain visibility on the progress and accurately predict and deliver to deadlines.

Key Responsibilities

  • Maintain close collaboration with the design and code team to ensure flow and performance for the UI.
  • Make sure the look and feel of the Ui is in accordance with the product goals and guidelines.
  • Delivers accurate estimates to project management and delivers on time and quality.
  • Maintain unity of game assets
  • Ensure technical and organizational compliance with defined standards.

Required Skills

  • Shipped titles(next generation) as UI Artist.
  • Good knowledge of flash, Photoshop and illustrator
  • Experience with Unreal engine or unity engine
  • Written and verbal communication skills (English or Chinese)
  • Experience with scaleform a plus