NeoBards Entertainment brought in comprehensive JIRA solutions from Atlassian, including JIRA Core, JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk. This helps the Bards to work in a convenient and efficient development environment, by creating a systematic workflow, from task tracking, project management to business management.


Here at NeoBards, we strive to develop AAA games, which means our employees are often working on large-scale productions, under time pressure, heavy workloads, and large amounts of communication. With Jira’s support to track problems in task assignment, the Bards are able to have a clear grip on potential risks that may be brought on by multifaceted communication.

In addition, having Confluence as a complementing software for project team, accumulation of messages is built on a more knowledge-based style of operation management. Besides production environment, NeoBards also utilizes Jira for business management and administrative operations, in order to establish internal organizational communications and customize workflows pertaining to different business aspects.

The process of game development is filled with changes and challenges. NeoBards work smart by using software to help our production team identify problems early, effectively track work progress, and implement better risk management. This allows the teams to have more time for game development, and achieve AAA quality. NeoBards also collaborates with Atlassian for professional consultancy and training courses, to ensure top quality is evidential throughout all details.