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Frontend Engineer (React Native)

Role Responsible for developing our mobile apps Focusing on the gaming experiences (game streaming) Work with our streaming backend engineers and our outsourcing vendors (frontend and backend) Required Skills Master programming languages, Javascript (React Native), Objective C (iOS), Java (Android), C/C++ Master mobile platforms (Android, iOS) Master React Native. Developing native plugin (cross platform) is […]

Lead Backend Engineer

Role As a lead backend engineer, you’ll be responsible for developing/supervising our online gaming backends Platform (meta) services, dedicated servers (game streaming) Supervising/coworking with our outsourcing vendors (backend and frontend) Required Skills Master programming languages, Java (spring framework), Node.js, Python, C/C++, and there is no limit. (Once you master C/C++, the mother of all modern […]

Backend Engineer (Game Streaming)

Key Responsibilities Developing our game streaming servers Work with the platform (meta) engineers, game integration engineers, and front-end engineers Required Skills Master programming languages, Node.js, C/C++, and there is no limit. (Once you master C/C++, the mother of all modern languages, learning a new language is not a problem.) Master Linux. All our servers run […]

Game Integration Engineer

Key Responsibilities Be responsible for customizing our licensed retro games. This is very challenging because there is no source code To accept the challenge, you need to be a hacker (with a license to hack) Work with our designers to bring new fun to the legendary games, make the games great again Required Skills Master […]

Senior Programmer

Key Responsibilities Participate in game development project, write game programs Master of C/C++, can develop games using C/C++ Familiar with at least one of the following game development related diciplenes: computer graphics, network backend, AI Passionate and confident about developing high quality games Required Skills Education: University and above, major in information related subjects English […]

Java Engineer

NeoBards Entertainment is looking for an engineer responsible for developing our internal management tools and game project development tools. By joining our team, you will be able to work in a multinational and multilingual environment, and participate in the production of international games. Role Modify Jira workflow and functions to meet the needs of project […]

System Designer

Key Responsibilities Design systems and generate design proposals according to product requirements Ensure the research/development teams understand product requirements, and plan for production using design documents When the platform is in operation, revise or generate design proposals based on the requirements of platform operation and deliver to the production team Required Skills Must have experience […]

CG Supervisor

NeoBards entertainment is looking for an experienced CG Supervisor for one of its new project on PC and high end platform Role: Responsible for supporting the vision and delivering high quality game art content on PC and high end console platform Provides guidance and feedback for all technical artists within team and is owning the […]